Towards the Future by Adam Welker

Weekend Reading

I’ve been grilling a lot lately. My girlfriend’s mother bought a new grill, and somehow I’ve become their personal grill chef. It’s actually pretty great. I get to make delicious food and share it with three generations of my girlfriend’s family. We’ve covered the basics like brats, steaks, and corn, and I’ve begun experimenting. I’m always being presented with a new challenge; rack of ribs, salmon, filet, melons. My most recent success was grilled pizza. That recipe is super easy and super fast. Highly recommended. The weather is taking a break from the 95+ scorchers and is leveling out at a brisk average in the low 80s. Perfect for grilling. Please go out and enjoy the summer! Maybe take these articles with you to read in the park?

Nina Yau, Sources of Insight (guest post)-“You and a One-Way Ticket to the World”
Wow. This post really resonated with me. Nina has a real knack for inspiring others. This is a must-read. (It was also Nina’s birthday this week! Read her reflections on life.)
I piss people off on a daily basis, not because I’m intentionally wanting to anger others, but simply by living my life with such extreme audacity and fervent tenacity. Because I love life — and maybe they don’t or are miserable — will be enough reason for people to find fault, poke, prod, criticize, call you all sorts of names, tie you up and burn you at the stake of unconventionality. My life is my own empty page. So is yours. Do what you will with it and care not for others who only want to tear you down.

Jessica Dang, Minimal Student-“Minimalize, Focus, Do Part I-Mastering Minimalism”
Jessica has returned to blogging after a brief hiatus with 25 simple mantras for minimalist motivation.
Everyone has something that holds them back. It can be something precious, common or unique, something tangible or untouchable, it can be a secret or something everyone knows about. These are the things that keep us human, grounded, and it’s only natural that we would want security and reassurance in a world that changes every moment of every day.

Mykel Dixon, the b. movement
I just happened upon Mykel’s site today, and it instantly captured my attention. I feel that we are like-minded people. I’ve only just begun to explore the b. movement, so I can’t recommend anything in particular, but maybe subscribe to his RSS feed and see if it gels with you.
The b movement is the name I’ve given to the growing number of artists, entrepreneurs and visionaries who dare to move beyond the artificial culture we have inherited and dance. The trail blazers, early adopters and evolutionaries who are courageously seeking, embracing and contributing to a rapidly changing planet. Yes. That means you. In a world rife with systems that demand we strive for material possessions and artificial relationships something has been lost and we’re taking it back.

The Redding Brothers, Eminent Human
This site is another new discovery for me this week. Eminent Human is an online magazine about, well, being human. That sounds bland, until you read titles like “How I use Twitter (plus Hinduism and Judaism explained)“, “Interview with a Sociopath“, or “The Downfall of Katy Perry” and you realize it is anything but.
Eminent Human is a publication dedicated to exploring the glory of being human, laying a foundation for a life and a world of openness, freedom, and amazing creation.

Read anything that really stirred your soul this week? I’d love to hear about it! Share it with me on Twitter or +Google.
Have a good weekend!